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Residential and Commercial

At Professional Home Painting, we serve both the Residential and Commercial communities. We work well with customers, and other trades, coordinating schedules to meet project timelines. We are flexible and understanding when changes are made to both scope of work needed, and time tables that need to be met or extended.

Priming and Basecoats

Sometimes, contractors or home owners have a unique finish applied to walls, ceilings, floors, railings, etc., and need that surface prepped and primed. We offer the preparation and priming of wood, metal, gypsum(sheetrock), enamels, alkyds and latex surfaces.

Rust Removal/Corrosion

Do to the amount of salt and moisture in south Florida, rust is a common occurrence. We use the most innovative technologies, both mechanical and chemical, to not only remove rust, but also slow and possibly prevent it’s return.

Fine Finishes

In the painting world, the finer the finish the richer the look. Sometimes the look of a product can mean the difference between selling and not selling a home or building. Professional Home Painting has artisans that specialize in many fine finishes such as: spray finishes in both oil and water-born products, clear coats, faux, venetian plaster, wood grain, pickling, staining and white-washing.

Shot Crete

Products keep evolving as technology advances create longevity and durability against sun, salt, wind and rain. Those advances can also create problem areas on walk ways, pool surrounds and other common travel areas. Shot Crete is often used in these areas to create a none slip adhesion when those surfaces become wet from either rain or something as innocent as a spilled beverage.

Color Matching

Not everyone is inherently born with a good eye for color. We can not only help with picking out the right color to match the new fabric for the draperies or sofa, but we can also help with blending the right colors of putty to fill nail holes in your new kitchen cabinets or trim.


Not seen as often, wallcoverings and border accent installation it still offered at Professional Home Painting. Even though many of our staff would prefer we didn’t, we still offer wallpaper removal as well.


Caulking is probably the most undervalued process in the construction world. It could mean the difference between your home surviving a hurricane or rotting into the ground. The proper sealant around an opening such as a window, or between the tile on your floor and base trim could stop moisture from invading your home. In less extreme situations, it can even divert the problem to proper channels for drainage.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is often used to clean surfaces of dirt and oxidation prior to painting a home. It can also be used to clean off the undesirable leaves and twigs that like to cling to surfaces after a windy rain storm.

Drywall Finishing

Drywall finishing can be very tedious. If not done properly, problems can occur throughout the lifetime of your home or business. Every employee at Professional Home Painting has extensive backgrounds in both taping and skim coating to offer you, the customer, the best product possible.

Water Damage Repair

South Florida sees it’s fair share of water damage. It could come from a burst pipe from corrosion, or from a storm named Irma. Either way, we are up to date with the most advanced methods to treat and repair water damaged areas with stain blocking and PH reducing chemicals and products.

Wall and Ceiling Texture

One way to change the look of a wall or ceiling, besides color, is texture. Professional Home Painting use many different tools, machines and techniques to offer an assortment of textures to accentuate a surface. Some of these textures are popcorn, knockdown, and orange peel.

Smoke Damage Repair

Similar to water damage, smoke damage can be treated and eliminated through chemical application instead of removing the damaged wall, ceiling, door or trim. Professional Home Painting works not only with paint manufacturer reps, but also with insurance companies to make sure your have the proper product and the right amount of money needed to get the job done right.

Blue Print Reading

Reading a blue print for the first time, or the twentieth time, can be mind boggling. If not read properly, mistakes can be make that cost time and money to all parties involved. Let our experience work for you to eliminate those costly mistakes. We’ve already made them.

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